The Story of La Mere Poulard

Center of spirituality in the Western world for centuries, symbol of resistance during the 100 Years’ War and WWII, the Mont Saint Michel has, over the years, drawn pilgrims and passersby.

In 1888, Annette Poulard opened her inn on Mont Saint-Michel to cater for pilgrims and food-lovers. They flocked to her doorstep to discover a cooking that became famous around the world.

Known for some 700 recipes created throughout her life, she earned the prestigious French title ‘Mère’ in recognition of her culinary talents. This was how ‘la Mère Poulard’ came into being.

Celebrated around the world for her famous omelette, cooked over an open fire in the large fireplace at her auberge, La Mère Poulard has remained a reference in French gastronomy thanks to a varied, inventive and light cuisine that blends tradition with quality and simplicity.

A Tradition of Hospitality

From 1888 to the present, La Mère Poulard Inn remains a symbol of French tradition and know-how.

Today the group has many hotels, restaurants and boutiques in France and other countries. It produces an assortment of biscuits—all inspired by the original recipes from La Mère Poulard—a few miles from its first location.

Paul Bocuse, a world-renowned chef once said: “La Mère Poulard: it is France.”